Permit Fees Waived for Common Storm Repairs

Permit Fees Waived for Common Storm Repairs

To help expedite repairs required as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the City of Hollywood is waiving permit fees for common storm related repairs such as fencing, roofs and A/C replacements for 90 days as of September 21, 2017. There is also prioritized review of these permits. This 90 calendar day grace period is to assist residents and commercial business owners in the City restore their property and return to normal operations as quickly as possible. Here are the temporary changes in the Building Division’s policies and procedures.

The following storm damage does not require a permit:

  • Minor repair to existing permitted fencing
  • Minor roof repair to individual shingle or tile pieces and roof membrane patches
  • Replacing the canvas or vinyl on awnings or canopies
  • Window and door component repairs (i.e. glass, screens, gaskets, seals, etc.) Note: Structural repairs involving removal/replacement of the window/door frame require a permit.
  • Replacement of screening on screen enclosures

Permits are required for the following, but permit fees will not be charged for repair work due to Hurricane Irma:

  • Structural repairs to existing fences
  • A/C unit replacement
  • Structural repairs to windows and doors, replacements in existing openings
  • Structural repairs for roofing
  • Existing shed replacement, shed must be placed in the same location with same setbacks
  • Structural repair/replacement of existing carports/patio canopies, gazebos and awnings

These repair permits will receive prioritized review and as per code, the work may be started with the permit application being submitted within 48 hours.

Permits and fees will be required for the following:

  • All new construction
  • New structural construction for renovations, alterations and remodeling
  • All other permits other than those listed above

Repairs to damaged electrical service of a structure including meter troughs, risers and masts, weatherheads and associated electrical equipment must be done by a qualified electrician. The work can be done and an after-the-fact permit obtained by the electrical contractor.

Important: To help expedite the permit review process, please submit pictures of the storm damage along with your permit application to qualify for the waiver of the permit fees.
For more information on waiver of fees and the permit process please contact the Building Division at 954.921.3335

Permit Requirements:

Work that does not require a design professional’s seal can be applied for via email or fax. The following documents need to be attached separately to an email and sent to or the permit package can be faxed to 954.921.3037.


  • Permit Application completely filled out
  • Survey or site plan showing location, height, linear footage, gates, and whether using chain link or wood material
  • Product approval for fencing other than code prescriptive chain link or wood fences


  • Permit Application completely filled out
  • Roofing Application completely filled out with attachments
  • Copy of Statement of Responsibility Regarding Asbestos approved by Broward County
  • Relevant Product approvals

Window/Door Replacement:

  • Permit Application completely filled out
  • Floor plan of building showing all openings of building with dimensions and the openings being retrofitted clearly marked
  • Relevant Product approvals

Additional information about the City’s Building Division, permitting processes along with applications and forms can be found at