Supporting our Beach Life Guards.

The Hollywood Beach Business Association presented a check for $3,000 to Bruce Wilkie of the Hollywood Lifeguard Team.  The money is raised each year due to the diligent efforts of Jeff Hansen of Cahoots Newspaper during Groundhog Day at Ocean Alley and pays for expenses so the lifeguards can compete at the United States Lifesaving Association annual competition.  This was the largest check so far to help our lifeguard team attend this event.
The USLA works to reduce the incidence of death and injury in the aquatic environment through public education, national lifeguard standards, training programs, promotion of high levels of lifeguard readiness, and other means.  We’re proud to support our lifeguards and thank them for helping to keep our beachgoers and visitors safe.
Here’s local coverage by the Sun Sentinel on the Groundhog Day fundraiser here on Hollywood Beach: