UBER and LYFT the Other Parking Option

Is your business being affected by the lack of parking? How many of your long time customers have just given up on coming regularly to Hollywood Beach?

The lack of parking has been tough on our businesses. We have seen a decline of locals coming to the beach on a regular basis (I am speaking of the regulars who live close by and have been customers for years.) No one wants to spend 45 minutes looking for a parking place. In the summer months we have a new crowd (the picnic, boom box, tent crowd who park and stay for the weekend) but they are not the locals who live close by or the more upscale snowbirds.

It is time to tell the WORLD there is better alternative to driving around and around searching for parking. The City of Hollywood and HBBA should implement an ad campaign about NOT PARKING on Hollywood Beach, but taking UBER or LYFT. We need to take advantage of this new technology and educate our customers to the advantages of NOT PARKING. Most people have smart phones and the APPS are easy to download and set up. The UBER/LYFT drivers arrive usually within minutes and average cost is about $12 round trip from Lakes Neighborhood. This could be one of the answers to the parking problem on Hollywood Beach and downtown.

I recently took UBER to the Ft Lauderdale airport and the cost was $11. When was the last time a cab to the airport cost this much? I actually started using UBER in New York when I was working the trade shows. Everybody was using it. It was cheaper and faster than the cabs…and this is a City were most people gave up the idea of parking years ago.

I would like to see the City of Hollywood come on board and embrace this new technology and help spread the message that we can think outside the box. There is a convenient alternative to searching for parking – and often cheaper than parking in the private lots, depending on where you live.

We need to change the way people think about their parking options and improve everyone’s experience in coming to the beach. The main reason traffic is so slow on the beach, is people are looking and not finding a parking spot. They continuously circle and circle.

Let us help our customers eliminate the stress of looking for a parking spot by using UBER or LYFT.