HBBA Meeting September 19th

Events on 19 Sep , 2019


  1. Call to Order.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. Introductions & Acknowledgements of special guests.
  4. CRA Report – George Camejo and Susan Goldberg.
    The City of Hollywood’s consideration to refund a portion of the transfers via the ILA to add back $3.5 million to fund beach re-nourishment. Discussion on the City plan to take 25% of the CRA funding this year.
  5. CRA Budget Items for completion of Flap Gates and Check Valves.
    Proposal to hold money in trust to finish these projects.
  6. Mosaic Murals – Jill Weisberg. Art for beach businesses like the mural project in downtown Hollywood.
  7. Beach Code Compliance – John Chidsey, Head of Code Enforcement, City of Hollywood and John Weitzner,
    Code Enforcement. They will present the beach code enforcement objectives and answer questions
  8. FDOT Update – Status of A1A.
  9. Report from HBBA Governmental Affairs Co-Ordinator.
    Debra Case will update on recent CRA and City Council meetings.
  10. Featured Speaker – Achim Nowak, International Authority on Leadership, Ted Talk & Motivational Speaker will talk about how small businesses can find, keep and maintain excitement and positivity in their organization.

*speakers and topics subject to change without notice.