Hurricane Dorian: Be Prepared

Hollywood’s Mayor Encourages Residents to Monitor and Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

City of Hollywood Emergency Management staff and public safety personnel are monitoring the track and development of Hurricane Dorian and Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy is encouraging residents to review their hurricane plans and make sure they are prepared for the potential of severe weather and possible hurricane conditions.

Heavy rains are expected to occur over portions of the Bahamas, Florida and elsewhere in the southeastern United States later this week and into early next week. The risk of dangerous storm surge and hurricane-force winds is increasing along the east coast of Florida, although it is still too soon for forecasters to determine precisely where these hazards will occur.

Residents are encouraged to continue monitoring this storm and should ensure they have a hurricane plan in place and not focus on the forecast track of Dorian’s center.

“The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center has Dorian developing into a Major Category 3 hurricane over the next several days as it draws closer to Florida. It’s important that residents prepare, but not panic,” says Mayor Levy.

Residents are encouraged to use this time to finalize their personal hurricane preparations:

• Gather your hurricane supplies now if you have not already done so. You should have three days’ worth of supplies, such as non-perishable food and water, for each person in your household.
• Residents should refrain from cutting trees or doing additional landscaping projects until after this storm passes. Solid/commingled and recyclable materials should be properly secured in a safe, sheltered location.
• Make plans to secure any outdoor items that could be blown around in the storm. Bring them indoors or otherwise secure them as the storm approaches.

The City of Hollywood does not have sandbags for distribution. Residents are encouraged to visit the City of Hollywood’s website at www.hollywood for hurricane preparation tips and information regarding where to purchase sandbags and other hurricane supplies.

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Please stay tuned to local radio and television broadcasts for further details of the storm movement and impact to our area.Additional Info…