Removal and redistribution of sand displaced by Hurricane Irma

A Message from the City of Hollywood;

Removal and redistribution of sand displaced by Hurricane Irma
See below details of scope of the work.

Beginning next Monday, October 30, 2017 at 8:00 AM the City’s hurricane debris removal contractor, Bergeron and their crews and equipment, will be conducting an operation on the Hollywood Beach that will entail removing tons of sand with heavy equipment, and redistributing this sand onto the beach that has been displaced by Hurricane Irma and is now up against and encompassing the entire length of the broadwalk wall, and along the beach creating a safety hazard.

This beach sand removal and redistribution operation will run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday for approximately the next 3 weeks. This project includes the pre-authorization from the State, and the Turtle Monitor providing pre-inspection of the areas in order to protect any sea turtle nests.

As the tractors and equipment move into each beach area, the area being cleared and leveled will be cordoned off and a Project Supervisor from Bergeron will be on site to monitor the project. City Beach Maintenance Supervisor Salafrio and CRA Beach Maintenance Supervisor Tiru will also be monitoring the project activity. The length and parameter of this sand removal and redistribution project will be from the North in front of the Positano Condo complex at Sherman Street heading South down to Magnolia Street in front of the Quadomain Complexes, including the entire length of the broadwalk wall.

This project will be submitted upon completion to FEMA for reimbursement, as clean up activity required as a result of the Hurricane Irma damage. This project is being coordinated with the CRA, Police, Parks & Recreation and Beach Safety/FireDepartments .

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