HBBA Board Meeting – October 2022

2022 October Board Meeting


GG’s Waterfront


Dan opened the meeting at 3:04pm and welcomed the board members. All were in attendance in person or via cell, with the exception of Rachel and Eduardo.

  • Quorum established.
  • Elena spoke of the request by Joe Gonzalez regarding his Mother Ocean event support letter. Ron reviewed changes he had made to it and discussion began.
  • Decision was made for Ron to simplify the letter to be one of an acknowledgement and in it to recommend the city decide on the outcome of his proposal. Ron will revise and send to us for approval,once done.

September’s minutes of our meeting were reviewed and all approved.

  • Dan to file approved minutes in official records.

Treasurer’s Report: by Olga

  • 37 members
  • Balance: $5723.50


  • Elena submitted her written report and reviewed point s within it.


-Seawall committee to form. Names of possible members: Please, refer any possibilities to Elena.

Kathy submitted hers previously: North Beach possible reps:,Joe Pass, Steven Welsh, Lauie Scheckter- she might be interested.

Central: Debra, Dan,Bob and Eduardo

South Beach, Steve Naron and Dennis DeMartino

Lakes: Terry Cantrell

Penny Johns.

Beach Civic Association HBCA: , Frank DeRisi and Kathy DiBona.

  • Elena will call a meeting of a focus group of select members to discuss plans with our commissioner, soon.
  • Discussion: A1A and all of the Phase 4 project is planned to start Spring 2023,
  • Raising of Flower Streets: spoke on street concerns, process, property owners communications, and the desperate need of an additional pump at Crocus or Daffodil terrace in addition to other 4 already planned.
  • Jeff added new no smoking on beach and in parks ordinances are on agenda for commission.

Membership: Jeff

Extensive discussion on need to build membership, many ideas suggested. Kathy reminded of her past requests to consider we contract with a person to secure an increase in

Paid members. We set a goal of a 50% increase within a timeframe – perhaps from November through end of February, 2023, within an agreed upon fee. Ideas surfaced. Ron to discuss ideas with Steve.

  • Follow up by Dan and Ron regarding The Diplomat renewal, person for open Diplomat HBBA BOARD seat, and add new member – Costa.

No replies.

  • Reach out to invite beach business vendors and other associates who do business with and sell to our businesses as possible affiliate members.

*Ron has ideas of how to compile that listing.

Ron to reach out to city occupational licenses department for current listing of businesses, and ask the Chamber to support us through sending out communications including our fliers to assist as we try to build membership. – – – Entertain idea of asking people successful in gaining members for their organizations, to give us advice, assistance, and ideas – persons such as: HBCA: Frank DeRisi, Marie Suarez, & others who might have large database listings.

  • Add new and renewing member spotlight sections on our website, through Ron. This ideas was proposed by Elena, again.
  • Offer incentives to join. *Secretary
  • Our open position of Secretary was accepted by Rachel Osborn, thank you, Rachel. Ron agreed to serve as back up. Hugs!
  • General Meeting : Discussion regarding speaker line up Dan secured…thank you Dan!
  • Kathy asked Rickie Engels of the Parks Department to speak, but he has a conflict. He will send us a list of holiday beach events… PS: The Candy Cane parade may be only one as our commission/CRA paying for entertainment process is under review.
  • Discussed fundraising at the annual Social and agreed it is to continue as we work each year to continue to support our needy families at the Broward Outreach and Post 92 during the holiday season. Note: At our November meeting we will plan on securing donated meals, hotel stays, etc. Bring ideas!
  • Dan suggested we
  • add a bold, red “Call to Action” type alert banner to our event reminder fliers.
  • Ron to do.
  • Discussion to support transition plan for CRA employees to be given pension benefits.
  • Annual Social planned: At Famous GG’s Waterfront, 7-9:30pm November 30, 2O22
  • Build invite list at next board meeting: possibilities to include Beam Furr, new and existing city commissioners, Mayor, city attorney and leaders :city manager, CRA leaders, and other department representatives, Chamber leadership members, & possible vendors who serve our businesses. Others?
  • Next board meeting- 11/21/22 at GG’s at 3 pm.
  • Draft Submitted by Kathy DiBona for Rachel Osborn to Dan and Ron for review and copying to give to board members to consider approval at the November board meeting.