HBBA Board Meeting – Monday, May 16, 2022

Minutes Board Meeting HBBA Monday, May 16, 2022 3-4 pm

  1. Introductions of Board: Debra Case (phone), Jeff Hansen, Bob Weiser, Ron Jakubisin, Elena Hershey, Ron Jakubisin, Olga Cherkasova, Rita Wells present. Dan Serafini, Kathy BiBona, Eduardo Fernandez, Rachael Osburn not present.
  2. ApprovalofMinutesoflastmeeting–approvedunanimouslybyvoicevote.
  3. CRA Grants – Christopher Crocitto – There is $1.25 million available for beach businesses to upgrade exterior appearance. Grants are available up to $50,000. Micro grants of up to $25,000. There are grants for hotels up to $300,000. The money cannot be used to fix code violations. There are grants to update seawalls that will pay 50% of the cost up a limit of $25,000. Beach businesses must apply, meeting insurance requirements and other requirements and if approved pay for the renovations, then get re-imbursed. Chris may be able to assist in filling out documents. The program has certain design guidelines for inspiration, recommended paint colors and more. The board decided to invite Chris to make a presentation to the next general membership meeting. Due to time constrains we’ll ask him to do a 15–20-minute talk (he took 45 minutes to speak with the board).
  4. TreasurersReport–Olga$5,400+inthebankandnopendingchecksdue.
  5. CRA-
  6. CityandGovernmentaffairsupdate–Elenasentareportafewdaysbeforethe meeting which the board reviewed and entered into the record.
  7. CommunityUpdate–Theboarddiscussedseveralissuesandhappeningslike the fact that the bike paths will be painted white to help identify that area as for bikes only and avoid issues with pedestrians crossing into that space. Elena talked about the dine project and how it is moving ahead. Bob Weiser mentioned concerns about the height of dunes since they block views from Broadwalk restaurants. There were comments on expanded café seating and some of the issues like pedestrian access.
  8. MembershipUpdate–Theboarddiscussedaprogramthatwillofferdealsto guest/customers. Ron told the board about the 311 program in Coconut Grove and how that was implemented to local in Miami. This may require outreach to businesses and setting up of a clearing house.
  9. TourismUpdate/Hotels–TheboardreviewedtheSavorSoflaeventwhichwas successful. It sold over 200 hotel rooms as a direct result. There were lots of

higher end brands and events. Some members noted that there were not a lot of local restaurants… but that was due in part to staffing issues and the fact that the area was still in season. The promoter is looking to do the next event on the first weekend in April to avoid conflicts with the air show.

Rita provided lots of details about tourism sales and compared this to 2019 data which showed 50.2% increases in April of 2022. It’s now a $36 billion a year industry in our county. In 2021 the area sold more rooms in 7 months than in 2019 and that’s considering there are now 1,200 more rooms available than 2 years ago. Events like the “Senior Games” and Pickleball Tournaments are helping to build additional opportunities for future growth.

10.General Membership Meeting Review – Ron asked the board for their impressions of the last general meeting. Commissioner Shuham mentioned to a few board members that it was too long and that the police, which were the star attraction waited till the end. The agenda needs to be shorted and presenters need to know there are time limits. The location is convenient, but some guest had trouble finding it and the city will not allow the windshield cards in the future. Ron is to set up an online form so attendees can register to get free parking. Details like close-off date and testing are to be reviewed.

11.Approval of New Directors – The board voted unanimously to approve Bob Weiser and Rachael Osburn as new board members. Ron pointed out that quorum is now 6 members instead of 5.

12.Vote for Secretary – No cation 13.New Business –

  1. HaveBoardMembersverifyandapproveapplicationsofnewmembers.– Approved unanimously by voice vote.
  2. NewmembersmusthavetheirinformationaddedtotheHBBAwebsite within a week of the board approving the application. – Approved unanimously by voice vote.

14.Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned at 5:12 pm. The next board meeting will be on Monday, June 30th from 3-4 pm at GG’s Waterfront.