Street lights along State Road A1A are not working.

The electrical service to the City street lights along State Road A1A, between Balboa Street and Evans Street (approximately 9 blocks) are not working as of yesterday.


Evidently, the FPL transformer that feeds the A1A street lighting was inadvertently removed as part of an FPL project along State Road A1A.  Additionally, all associated wiring from the transformer to the City street lights was also removed.  Because there is no overhead feed or transformer, there is no electrical service to the City-owned street lights between Balboa Street and Evans Street along State Road A1A.


In discussions with FPL, they acknowledged the issue and problems they have created, and have agreed to have a transformer installed on an existing FPL pole, at the intersection of Franklin Street and A1A, where there is a City street light circuit and supporting infrastructure located.  Once the transformer installation and any additional wiring has been completed, electrical service should be restored to the City street lights, and Public Works staff will be able to ensure the lighting system has been restored.


However, FPL has also advised that they have deployed significant resources to the Panhandle to assist with the aftermath/recovery from Hurricane Michael. Consequently, FPL advises they will not be able to install the transformer and restore the service until the end of next week.  In speaking with Ben Wesley, External Affairs Manager for FPL, we have communicated to FPL the urgency for resolution to this situation to ensure the safety of our residents.  Mr. Wesley understands the City’s concerns, and will attempt to repair the issue ASAP.  Mr. Wesley also advised that he can be contacted via his email (, if needed.


Public Works will remain in close contact with FPL until this situation has been resolved.

Thank you.