The Other Surprising Hollywood: How This Beautiful Beach Getaway Can Make You Smile

Approximately 2,725 miles from California’s glamorous celebrity-rich Hollywood, a beautiful Florida beach getaway also named Hollywood stretches open its inviting arms. And what a welcoming hug it gives. Near Miami, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale—all of which have their own unique hotspot pleasures and treasures—this Hollywood haven on the Atlantic Ocean exudes a more relaxed, intimate vibe that appeals to families, couples and singles who desire a quieter space and pace to recharge.

Hollywood pinned on a map of USA

Especially enticing are Hollywood’s arts and culture scenes, as well as foodie finds. Discover neighborhoods filled with 1920s architecture and streets shaded with grand rows of regal Royal Palms. Here, fun reasons to make a splash in this under-the-radar star.

Hollywood Beach Bonanza. Stroll the bright-idea, exercise-encouraging Broadwalk. Kick off your shoes and wiggle freed toes into the 2.5-mile-long, cashmere-soft sandy shore. Gaze at the vast ocean-scape and wide-yonder sky.

Hollywood Beach, Florida
A Shore Thing: Elegant street markers line the stone-paved Hollywood Beach Broadwalk—an engaging … [+]Getty

On the horizon, note moving ships and swooping birds. Meander its length, dotted with more than 50 eateries and 30 shops. Every day, there are scheduled activities (many of them free)—live music, kite-flying, classes: yoga, dance, meditation. It’s a stylish yet laid-back seaside escape in which to let your hair down and lift your spirits up.

Laura Manske Contributor Travel , Forbes Magazine
Oct 29, 2019, 02:39pm