Access To Hollywood Beach Limited

Access To Hollywood Beach Limited

Lakes Residents, This just in from the City of Hollywood: “Access to the barrier island will be restricted to residents, business owners, business employees, hotel guests and patrons coming to pick up carry-out food orders from barrier island restaurants. All City community centers, parks and recreational facilities are closed. Public boat ramps at Holland Park will remain open, but the rest of the park will be closed down. See City website for more details” 

Health & Safety Update

Health & Safety Update

We encourage everyone to practice these safety guidelines:

•    Closely reviewing the advice and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and medical authorities. 

•    Advising and making sure our employees are aware of the preventative measures provided by the CDC such as diligent handwashing, avoiding touching one’s face and staying home if sick.

•    Intensive cleaning and disinfection all public and staff areas including the restrooms, kitchens, bars, dining rooms and all surfaces that are touched like menus, phones, keyboards, faucets, light switches and door handles. 

•    Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content have been placed in public areas and restrooms along with extra soap and paper towels.

•    Ensuring all employees frequently wash their hands for 20 seconds or more.

•    Discouragement of all personal contact including shaking hands.

•    Gloves are used in all areas that have contact with food.

•    Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.

•    Avoid close contact with people who are sick and stay home if sick.

•    Cover your nose or mouth when coughing or sneezing.  Use a tissue and dispose of in trash.

Get up-to-date information from the CDC website below.
Hollywood Beach Lane Closures

Hollywood Beach Lane Closures

A1A Improvements Project from Sheridan Street to Monroe Street in Hollywood

Description: Improvements under this project include removing old asphalt and resurfacing the roadway, widening sidewalks and upgrading ramps to meet ADA requirements, replacing drainage structures and installing flap gates, removing, narrowing, and /or upgrading medians and curb and gutter, adding 4-foot bike lanes from Monroe Street to Arizona Street, adding sharrows (share the road pavement markings) from Arizona Street to Sheridan Street, upgrading and installing new pedestrian signals, and minor signalization and street light improvements. For more information, contact Community Outreach Specialist Rebecca Guerrero at (954) 218-2304 or

For more information about the project and monthly updates, please click the following link:

Traffic Impact:

*Please note that to minimize impact to the traveling public, all lane closures will be suspended Monday, January 27 through Monday, February 3 for the Super Bowl. Lane closures may resume Monday morning, February 3.*

  • The Hollywood Boulevard and SR A1A entrance and exit ramps will have intermittent full closures, Tuesday, February 4 through Friday, February 7 between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., for asphalt paving.
  • Detour:
  • Southbound SR A1A motorists will be detoured via Hallandale Beach Boulevard. Please see detour flyer attached.
  • Northbound SR A1A motorists will be detoured via Sheridan Street. Please see detour flyer attached.
  • Eastbound motorists traveling along Hollywood Boulevard will be detoured via South 7th Avenue to make a U-turn towards US 1. Please see detour flyer attached.
  • Northbound and southbound SR A1A, between Sheridan Street to Johnson Street, will continue to have intermittent lane closures , Tuesday, February 4 through Friday, February 7 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., for lighting and punch list work. One lane in each direction will be maintained at all times.
Puffles, Popular Dessert Shop on Hollywood Beach, to Expand Menu, Locations

Puffles, Popular Dessert Shop on Hollywood Beach, to Expand Menu, Locations

The coolest treats in South Florida will soon be getting even better, as Puffles dessert shop on Hollywood Beach, which specializes in Hong Kong waffles with ice cream, will be adding new products in the New Year.

Puffles, conveniently located just off the Broadwalk at 349 Johnson Street near the Margaritaville Beach Resort and the band shell, introduced one of Hong Kong’s most popular street snacks, gai daan jai, or spherical egg-based waffles, to the area last April.

Crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside, Hong Kong waffles are traditionally served in just one flavor, broken into pieces in a baggie and eaten plain. Puffles has put its own spin on this cultural phenomenon with a choice of three flavors – original, chocolate or matcha (Japanese green tea) – and the waffle folded into a cone to hold ice cream and toppings.

The 1,300-square-foot shop features a cornucopia of offerings, including a dozen different flavors of ice cream, from vanilla to Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, that doesn’t melt in the warm waffle. There are 19 topping ranging from Fruity Pebbles cereal and Japanese mochi to Pocky sticks, condensed milk and syrups. Puffles also carries a variety of slushes and bubble teas, with toppings that include boba (tapioca pearls), popping boba and fruit jelly balls.

“We have a lot of options here,” said Puffles co-owner Caleb Deng, who is hands-on in the business making waffle batter, which requires 800 eggs a week.

Puffles staff are trained on which ingredients go well together and will make suggestions for patrons who can’t decide on a flavor combination.

“We want something that tastes as good as it looks. Everything is made to order and goes well with the ice cream,” said Deng, a fan of the waffles in New York’s Chinatown since childhood.

“There is nothing like this in South Florida,” added Deng, whose family owns numerous service and restaurant businesses in New York City and South Florida. “I was always into baking when I was a kid and wanted to open a café-style dessert place.”

Savory waffle flavors such as pizza and red bean will be added to the menu, as well as ice cream cakes and acai bowls with fresh fruit and granola. Given Puffles’ popularity and uniqueness, the owners are already eyeing a second location, in Downtown Miami.

“We’re really interested in expanding to other states and possibly franchising,” Deng said.

As for the original Puffles location, “We chose Hollywood Beach because it’s a mix of locals and tourists, and it’s right in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale,” Deng said.

Puffles opens daily at noon and closes at 10:30 pm Sunday – Thursday and 11 pm Friday and Saturday. For more information, call 954-367-2353 or visit

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all our friends and families of the HBBA!

Hollywood Beach Blvd. Bridge intermittent closures.

Hollywood Beach Blvd. Bridge intermittent closures.

A1A Improvements Project from Sheridan Street to Monroe Street
Traffic impact update from FDOT

The Hollywood Boulevard and SR A1A entrance and exit ramps will have intermittent full closures, Monday, December 16 through Friday, December 20 between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 

·    Detour:
·    Southbound SR A1A motorists will be detoured via Hallandale Beach Boulevard.
·    Northbound SR A1A motorists will be detoured via Sheridan Street
·    Eastbound motorists will be detoured via US 1 towards South 7th avenue to make a U-turn.·    Two southbound lanes will be closed along SR-A1A, from Monroe Street to Hollywood Boulevard, Monday, December 16 through Friday, December 20, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ·    Two northbound lanes will be closed along SR-A1A, from Monroe Street to Hollywood Boulevard, Monday, December 16 and Friday, December 20, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
In addition: ·    Intermittent lane shifts may occur from Hollywood Boulevard to Sheridan Street, only a few blocks at a time, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
 ·  Southbound A1A will be shifted west between Sheridan Street to Arizona Street for work along the median. One lane in each direction and left-turn access from southbound A1A to the one-way eastbound side streets will be maintained.



Temporary Detour on Surf Road.

A contractor has obtained a permit from the City to repair the roof of the Sheldon Hotel which is immediately to the south of the Margaritaville Hotel complex on Hollywood Beach.

In order to do the associated work, it will be necessary to close Surf Road at its intersection with Buchanan Street. All vehicular traffic on Surf Road will be detoured to the west along Buchanan Street. Bicyclists and pedestrians approaching the work area from the north and south will use the Broadwalk to bypass the temporary closure. 

The work could begin as soon as December 5. The exact duration of this project is unknown but the present estimate is that it should be completed in about a week. The contractor has been instructed to ensure that Surf Road be fully opened when no work is being done.

No work will be done during the Candy Cane Parade.
The Other Surprising Hollywood: How This Beautiful Beach Getaway Can Make You Smile

The Other Surprising Hollywood: How This Beautiful Beach Getaway Can Make You Smile

Approximately 2,725 miles from California’s glamorous celebrity-rich Hollywood, a beautiful Florida beach getaway also named Hollywood stretches open its inviting arms. And what a welcoming hug it gives. Near Miami, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale—all of which have their own unique hotspot pleasures and treasures—this Hollywood haven on the Atlantic Ocean exudes a more relaxed, intimate vibe that appeals to families, couples and singles who desire a quieter space and pace to recharge.

Hollywood pinned on a map of USA

Especially enticing are Hollywood’s arts and culture scenes, as well as foodie finds. Discover neighborhoods filled with 1920s architecture and streets shaded with grand rows of regal Royal Palms. Here, fun reasons to make a splash in this under-the-radar star.

Hollywood Beach Bonanza. Stroll the bright-idea, exercise-encouraging Broadwalk. Kick off your shoes and wiggle freed toes into the 2.5-mile-long, cashmere-soft sandy shore. Gaze at the vast ocean-scape and wide-yonder sky.

Hollywood Beach, Florida
A Shore Thing: Elegant street markers line the stone-paved Hollywood Beach Broadwalk—an engaging … [+]Getty

On the horizon, note moving ships and swooping birds. Meander its length, dotted with more than 50 eateries and 30 shops. Every day, there are scheduled activities (many of them free)—live music, kite-flying, classes: yoga, dance, meditation. It’s a stylish yet laid-back seaside escape in which to let your hair down and lift your spirits up.

Laura Manske Contributor Travel , Forbes Magazine
Oct 29, 2019, 02:39pm

See the Vision for Hollywood Beach – Community Meeting

See the Vision for Hollywood Beach – Community Meeting

See the Vision for Hollywood Beach-

• Undergrounding of Utilities
• A1A Proposed Enhancements
• North Segment Pedestrian Crossings

Wednesday, October 23 / 7:30 pm

Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center
1301 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33079

For more Information Contact Sarita Shamah at

Phone: 954-924-2980

Hurricane Dorian:  Be Prepared

Hurricane Dorian: Be Prepared

Hollywood’s Mayor Encourages Residents to Monitor and Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

City of Hollywood Emergency Management staff and public safety personnel are monitoring the track and development of Hurricane Dorian and Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy is encouraging residents to review their hurricane plans and make sure they are prepared for the potential of severe weather and possible hurricane conditions.

Heavy rains are expected to occur over portions of the Bahamas, Florida and elsewhere in the southeastern United States later this week and into early next week. The risk of dangerous storm surge and hurricane-force winds is increasing along the east coast of Florida, although it is still too soon for forecasters to determine precisely where these hazards will occur.

Residents are encouraged to continue monitoring this storm and should ensure they have a hurricane plan in place and not focus on the forecast track of Dorian’s center.

“The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center has Dorian developing into a Major Category 3 hurricane over the next several days as it draws closer to Florida. It’s important that residents prepare, but not panic,” says Mayor Levy.

Residents are encouraged to use this time to finalize their personal hurricane preparations:

• Gather your hurricane supplies now if you have not already done so. You should have three days’ worth of supplies, such as non-perishable food and water, for each person in your household.
• Residents should refrain from cutting trees or doing additional landscaping projects until after this storm passes. Solid/commingled and recyclable materials should be properly secured in a safe, sheltered location.
• Make plans to secure any outdoor items that could be blown around in the storm. Bring them indoors or otherwise secure them as the storm approaches.

The City of Hollywood does not have sandbags for distribution. Residents are encouraged to visit the City of Hollywood’s website at www.hollywood for hurricane preparation tips and information regarding where to purchase sandbags and other hurricane supplies.

Before, during and after a storm important information will be posted on the City’s website at Opens a New Window. , shared via CodeRED Alerts, through NotifyMe “News and Announcements” email and text messages and on the City’s social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. Receive the latest emergency updates and information by signing up today. Please bookmark, follow, like and subscribe to the City’s various information sources to be in the know.

Emergency Website: Opens a New Window.  
Twitter: @cohgov
Facebook: @CityOfHollywoodFL
YouTube: hollywoodflch78
CodeRED: Opens a New Window.

Please stay tuned to local radio and television broadcasts for further details of the storm movement and impact to our area.Additional Info…