Sea Turtle Nesting Season is underway on our beaches.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is underway on our beaches.

From March through October these creatures will return to their home beaches to lay eggs. Hollywood residents and beach visitors can help sea turtles during the nesting season by keeping beaches clean, being aware of nesting sites and reducing artificial lighting near beaches that can distract and confuse mothers and hatchlings. Sea turtle hatchlings use light and reflections from the moon to find their way to the water at night. Artificial lighting discourages adult females from nesting on the beach.

Hollywood’s new lifeguard towers hit the beach – for $2 million

Hollywood’s new lifeguard towers hit the beach – for $2 million

Crews work on the first of Hollywood’s new lifeguard stands on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019. The tower sits next to an old stand at Liberty Street. Another new tower is at Azalea Terrace to the south. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Two lifeguard towers stand side by side on Hollywood beach, one old and one new.

The battered wooden shack with faded yellow paint has weathered the elements for a quarter of a century. Just a few steps to the north sits the new arrival, a sign of things to come.

By the end of the year, 21 stylish new towers will dot the beach.

The new lifeguard stand at Liberty Street arrived two weeks ago. Its twin sits several blocks to the south at Azalea Terrace. Soon they’ll be painted a spiffy blue and white, with yellow accents.

The new look may turn heads — but so will the price, some say.

Hollywood is paying $2 million for the new towers — a bargain compared to earlier estimates of $4.8 million.

But so far, the new towers are a hit with visitors.

Sylvie Lauzon, a snowbird from Canada who owns a condo in Pembroke Pines, marveled at the clean lines and modern look. But the price tag — $117,000 apiece for six first-aid stations and $90,000 apiece for 15 lifeguard towers — left her stunned.

“Are you friggin’ serious!” she said, her mouth agape. “Oh my God! That’s the price of a condo!” Lauzon asked if the new lifeguard stands come with air-conditioning.

“For that price, you’d think it would have AC,” she said, shaking her head.

A new lifeguard tower sits next to the one it will replace at Liberty Street in Hollywood on Feb. 28, 2019. (Susannah Bryan/South Florida Sun Sentinel)

The new towers have neither air-conditioning nor plumbing.

Like the towers they’re replacing, the pretty new stands with their Art Deco design will be on the beach for the next two decades or more.

That’s how Mayor Josh Levy sees it.

“We’re a world-class beach,” he said. “We don’t want flimsy off-the-shelf lifeguard stands. Even they would’ve cost over $1 million.”

The new towers will arrive in phases, with four more expected by the end of March. Another eight will be on the way by July. And the final eight will be settling into the sand by Dec. 31.

Nostalgic beachgoers who like the old towers will find them on the north and south ends of the beach.

Hollywood is keeping seven old lifeguard stands — two first-aid stations and five towers. But 21 others will be auctioned off, said Jorge Camejo, director of Hollywood’s redevelopment agency.

What kind of price will they fetch?

One has already been sold to the highest bidder for $40, Camejo said.

“I’m not sure if they wanted it for a tree fort or what,” he said, chuckling.

The good news, according to Camejo: Taxpayers won’t have to pay to have it hauled to the junkyard.

Susannah Bryan: Contact Reporter South Florida Sun Sentinel

March 4, 2019 | Hollywood

Welcome back Debra Case, the newest addition to the HBBA Board of Directors.

Welcome back Debra Case, the newest addition to the HBBA Board of Directors.

Hope you are all doing well.

I wanted to take a brief moment to officially announce the latest addition to our HBBA board of directors.

At our last membership meeting there was a unanimous decision made to have Debra Case rejoin our team. Debra brings a wealth of experience, including past HBBA president along with serving as city commissioner for district one for the past 2 years. She also owns a great restaurant on the Broadwalk Ocean Alley!

I am pleased and excited having her back as she will be chairing the CRA, Chamber of Commerce and Government affairs topics reporting directly back to the board members.

Again I want to welcome Debra back and look forward to working with her to make HBBA a formidable presence in our community.

– Dan Serafini, President of the HBBA Board

Time to renew your HBBA membership.

Time to renew your HBBA membership.

Please renew your HBBA membership by January 15, 2019.

You can renew easily right here.
Or mail your check directly to the HBBA at1722 Sheridan Street #170 | Hollywood, FL 33020

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Manatee Season – Be on the look out!

Manatee Season – Be on the look out!

Manatee Season runs from November 15th – March 31st.

So be careful and be on the look out for them.

If you see an injured or sick manatee:
Call FWC 888-404-3922
Text *FWC
or you can download the county’s “I Spy a Manatee” App.

Waterfront Publix coming to Hollywood?

Waterfront Publix coming to Hollywood?

Publix, where shopping is a pleasure for boaters? Mayor teases a waterfront market

Street lights along State Road A1A are not working.

Street lights along State Road A1A are not working.

The electrical service to the City street lights along State Road A1A, between Balboa Street and Evans Street (approximately 9 blocks) are not working as of yesterday.


Evidently, the FPL transformer that feeds the A1A street lighting was inadvertently removed as part of an FPL project along State Road A1A.  Additionally, all associated wiring from the transformer to the City street lights was also removed.  Because there is no overhead feed or transformer, there is no electrical service to the City-owned street lights between Balboa Street and Evans Street along State Road A1A.


In discussions with FPL, they acknowledged the issue and problems they have created, and have agreed to have a transformer installed on an existing FPL pole, at the intersection of Franklin Street and A1A, where there is a City street light circuit and supporting infrastructure located.  Once the transformer installation and any additional wiring has been completed, electrical service should be restored to the City street lights, and Public Works staff will be able to ensure the lighting system has been restored.


However, FPL has also advised that they have deployed significant resources to the Panhandle to assist with the aftermath/recovery from Hurricane Michael. Consequently, FPL advises they will not be able to install the transformer and restore the service until the end of next week.  In speaking with Ben Wesley, External Affairs Manager for FPL, we have communicated to FPL the urgency for resolution to this situation to ensure the safety of our residents.  Mr. Wesley understands the City’s concerns, and will attempt to repair the issue ASAP.  Mr. Wesley also advised that he can be contacted via his email (, if needed.


Public Works will remain in close contact with FPL until this situation has been resolved.

Thank you.

Congratulations Hollywood Beach #8 by Trip Advisor

Congratulations Hollywood Beach #8 by Trip Advisor

Hollywood Beach made #8 on TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Beaches in the U.S. for 2018